Traveling Tips To Help Stay On Track

Summer vacations are right around the corner, as well as swimsuits, shorts, and tank tops. You want to look and feel your best, especially during the summer. If you have worked hard to reach some goals, the last thing you want to do is ruin that progress during a vacation.

 Traveling and trying to continue to reach your goals can seem almost impossible! But if you just plan ahead with a few key things, then you will set yourself up to have a healthier traveling experience.

1. Pack snacks! I always like to pack some of my favorite protein bars that are high in fiber. I bring one for each day that I am on vacation. This will benefit you by having a healthy option for a snack, with the protein and fiber that will keep you full longer. 

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 2. Bring a fiber supplement and your daily vitamins. I like to bring along some extra fiber… because let’s face it, while on vacation, most of the food and drinks we are consuming are not a good source of fiber. If you have ever had that gross bloated feeling towards the end of your trip, that could be caused by a lack of fiber your body is used to. Also, staying on track with your daily vitamins is so important when traveling. You are more prone to getting sick from the germs on planes and from traveling.

3. Try to get some workouts in! This can be tough trying to find time to get a workout in. Even if you get 20 minutes, that’s better than no minutes! If I go on vacation for a week or more, I like to plan a workout in every other day… that way it’s maybe 3-4 days out of the week that I am squeezing in a short but sweet workout. This will also help your mood and energy level. You don’t need a gym to get a workout in… take a run/jog outside, do a body weight circuit, be creative with the things around you… like using a chair with your workout. You can also bring a resistance band with you… this takes up no space and it will give you a great workout!

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4. Don’t splurge too much! Try your best to not splurge with foods/drinks at every single meal/snack. I like to pick one meal out of the day that I am going to have what I want, and then maybe sneak a treat, this will give you a good balance and help with that sluggish feeling you might get on vacations.

5. Drink your water! Make sure you are getting all your water in for the day. Keep hydrated and I promise that will make a big difference on how you feel. 

 6. If consuming alcoholic beverages, make sure it is within moderation as well, and drink a glass of water in between every drink you have.

 7. If you are flying, airport foods are often not the healthiest options, so packing along some great food choices will help you out. You can pack a little cooler… you can bring, fruit/veggies, little hummus dips, little peanut butter cups, string cheese, protein bars, beef jerky, popcorn, sandwiches, pretzels, nuts (watch your portion size), rice cakes, veggie straws.

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 8. You can bring water when flying! I learned this the last trip I took… you can actually freeze a water bottle and bring it with you through security. Because explosives can’t freeze they know that if your water is frozen then it is safe. So this frozen water can work as your ice pack and your hydration! This tip is really helpful for the longer flights.

9. Bring an empty water bottle. I make sure to bring an empty water bottle as well when flying. Once through security there are water filling stations at most airports, so you can just fill up. Starbucks will also fill your water bottles up for you as well.

 10. Enjoy your trip! Last but not least, enjoy your vacation! Don’t stress too much about your food/drink choices… just plan ahead with these simple tips and you will have a little healthier getaway! 

Written By Amber Masiello

Macros Coach

Unique Performance

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