Train In Your Lane

Thanks to the internet and social media, everyone and their grandmother has quickly become a “personal trainer” and “fitness guru.” We all know these people… self entitled, arrogant, and motivated to correct or improve all comers. Well I say this to all of you “experts”: train in your lane! Everybody starts somewhere sure, so I challenge each of you to practice what you preach for longer than 30 seconds before your YouTube channel launches. I have been involved in the fitness industry for 15 years now and I have been impressed by a select handful of trainers and fitness experts. You know what this means? Well I’ll fill you in, most of the advice you hear is complete and utter bullshit. There I said it.

Annoyed? Well don’t get your high socks and man spandex in a bunch just yet “coach” because I’m just getting warmed up. Oh sure you look great, your Beats match your Airmaxs, and you and your girl squat the same weight, very cute. Whats that you say? You are NASM certified, yawn, so is half the country. Oh you have 50,000 Instagram followers checking out your ass in your first competition pics, you must be great. Seems it is time to tell the world to eat Keto, and superset until their arms fall off. Cookie cutter trainers will get you cookie cutter results PERIOD. These types are lurking in every corner of every box gym just waiting to correct your form, so stand clear people. Joey Juice and Brittany Bikini are at an LA Fitness near you trying to collect commission on a bogus contract selling you everything and anything but real results.

So how do I choose a trainer? Glad you asked! A good trainer is one that is well versed in many different fitness and diet methods and has been able to experiment on themselves and their clients over the course of time. The very best personal trainers can relate to a wide range of clientele on both ends of the fitness spectrum. Your fitness textbook pretty much goes out the window here because being personable and being able to communicate is your number one tool in building a trusting relationship with your clients. It is definitely appropriate to research your trainer, check their website, Facebook, and Instagram. If they don’t have anything to show, check out the reputation of their training facility because a good studio knows their trainers and stands by their training techniques. The industry is filled with hacks and posers so be cautious before you commit. YOU should be the focus of each and every session, do not settle for the smoke and mirrors show off using made up fad motions simply to entertain. The basics are best and should never be substituted with dangerous PR (personal record) attempts and chalk board WODS (workout of the day). Yes I’m talking about your crossfit boxes. These little fitness cults will get you hurt and sidelined in no time. STAY AWAY!

So before you flip out and send nasty hate messages understand that this is in fact based on my experiences over the course of 15 years. I am in fact NASM certified and I have never once opened that textbook since I passed my exam 10 years ago. I couldn’t tell you what the cert even looks like at this point or where my original went. In real life I do make fun of most of you clowns posing as personal trainers and I definitely mock your social media posts. If anyone wants to see me in person, I can be found at the number one training facility in the East Valley, Unique Performance Gym, surrounded by the most knowledgeable trainers around. We specialize in transformations and contest prep and I guarantee we have a program for you so you can be in the best shape of your life!

Thank you everyone for the continued support and feedback. Until next time fitness world. Be BOLD, be #UniqueAF


Written By Chris Eugenio

Personal Trainer, Unique Performance

Owner, My Way Labs