Tired of BS Excuses

The truth about weight loss or anything to do with fitness… tired of hearing all this bullshit out there.


Ok, so here we go. So let’s start out with a goal… ummm … most common goal… Weight loss. With weight loss the goal is to to burn more calories than what you consume in your day (caloric deficit to lose weight) but here is the catch, the food you need to consume is BORING. Well, no fucking shit. If the food was exciting and you could eat anything you wanted like these dumb fucking intuitive eating programs out there then no one would ever have to lose weight.

Yes to lose weight the food is boring,

yes to lose weight you have to eat a lot of protein and little carbs and fats,

yes to lose weight food gets repetitive,

Yes to lose weight you have to stick to your plan on the weekends and Wednesday’s…

The fucking list goes on. I’m so tired of hearing the excuses about food getting old and boring. Here is your wake up call, if you had to eat chicken 4-5x a week for the next 3 months to have your dream body, would you? Would you care that it isn’t exciting? Seasoned with whatever your favorite type of salt is?

The answer is yes, you WOULD eat chicken 4-5x a week for your dream body. We all would. So, rant over and onto the answer to the truth about weight loss or any other fitness program…

The truth is it’s fucking boring, repetitive, and takes a lot of dedication from physical to mental. You will get bored, you will hate tracking your food, you will want to give up but always remember why you started. Remember to stick to the program and stay on track, because it’s only going to get harder. The more conditioned you get to workouts, the harder you have to push. The leaner you are, the more you have to eat… it becomes a question of who wants it more? You will only accomplish your goals if you get past the mental side of this, and accept the fact that you are going to eat chicken A LOT if it’s to build muscle, lose weight, compete in a show, or go on a 1000 mile run.


Chicken is key (egg whites too) so get used to it and get used to it cooked with little seasoning. Once you do that, you will be unstoppable. Remember eat chicken for 3 months and BAMMM you look like Ms. Olympia or Mr. Olympia or whatever glute girl you love on IG.


Thanks for reading my rant. You will get no sympathy from us about food and it being boring.


Written By Ryan Sonberg

Owner, Unique Performance