There’s A Pill For That… Or Is There?

We live in a time when quick fixes are often desired over lasting results. Our society has brainwashed the upcoming generation to expect quick results using minimal effort. Many industries cash in on the this new found logic but none capitalize as much as the sports nutrition/supplement industry. You want to lose 20 pounds? No problem. You want a shredded six pack? You got it. You want 23 inch biceps like Arnold? Well guess what, there’s a pill for that! Or is there?

The ever expanding sports nutrition industry is worth right around 30 billion dollars worldwide according to recent statistics. I know what you’re thinking, they must be selling some kick ass products to ensure amazing long lasting healthy results, right? Ummm no not so much, I am sorry to say. Many companies out there spend more on advertising and marketing than they do on research and development. Companies such as Cellucor (C4 pre-workout) are known to spend as much on their pretty chrome containers per unit as they do for the powder content it holds. What does this tell you? It tells you that their ploy is to gain your attention on the shelf because all they care about is the initial sale and less about the results or negative side effects you may experience from their products. What kinds of negative side effects might you expect from cheaply made sports nutrition products? Glad you asked! Products made with indigestible ingredients may cause nausea, acne, indigestion, stomach cramps, ulcers, kidney stones, elevated liver function, heart palpitations, etc. Just to rattle off a few. Which leads me to my point: be mindful of what you put into your body.

Now that you have some background into the “healthy” facade this industry sells you, I really hope you spend time READING NUTRITIONAL LABELS!!! Google is your friend folks and in mere minutes you can break down any supplements proprietary blend and find out if a product has any real benefits. Look for the basics in your health and fitness nutritional supplements such as: B-vitamins, amino acids, antioxidants, fruit/tea extracts, fatty acids, and of course a little caffeine doesn’t hurt. Some of the best products are the simplest ones with ingredients that you can actually pronounce.

Ok guys, school is out for now but please think about the points in the rant above before supporting a brand or product that does nothing but give you a “false feel” of change (Tingles, warm, jitters). A good fat burner should aide in digestion, give you natural energy, and promote alertness and focus, which are all ways to know that your metabolism is functioning appropriately.

How do I know so much about this industry you might ask? I have been in the sports nutrition industry as the owner of the supplement company, My Way Labs, for the last 5 years. My company only incorporates proven formulas within our products that work hand in hand with diet programs and fitness routines. There is no such thing as a magic pill or powder guys and gals, I’m sorry. However, if you combine hard work and discipline mixed with the right blend of dietary supplementation, you can achieve those long lasting health and fitness results you so badly desire. Our reformulated “Helius” (metabolism booster, focus factor) is ready for sale on and could be the missing link to lead you to your next progress picture! And please, whatever you do, read the label. Until next time my friends, stay classy, stay healthy, and keep killin’ it!


Written By Chris Eugenio

Personal Trainer, Unique Performance

Owner, My Way Labs