Fear Or Freedom?

Life has a way of moving forward at a constant rate. Obvious statement right? Then why waste your time standing in a place of discontent? The biggest determining factor of a person’s predicted behavior is fear. So in essence if you tell me what you are afraid of, I can hypothesize what you will or will not do with your life. Unless of course you allow your fears to promote growth within you and you find a way to allow your anxiety to drive you towards the very unknown that once made you cringe. Is this possible for you? The answer is a strong YES!

Fear is a natural emotional state and an instinct that keeps us clear from danger but it is also a liar and a thief of freedom if you allow it to cripple you. Some of you might ask, how is fear crippling if it is a so-called self protective state of being? Well the fear of failure is probably the biggest cause of wasted talent in the world. To quote the movie, A Bronx Tale, “the saddest thing in life is wasted talent…” This means that an individual with a specialized skill set was never bold enough to take a chance or they missed out on an opportunity due to poor life decisions and choices. I couldn’t agree more. Unlocked potential is the essence of our society; it is what day to day hopes and dreams are made of. We strive for greatness because of the courageous men and women that came before us that set the bar and standard for what we consider to be brilliant accomplishments.

So how did these bold souls break free from the chains of their fears? They decided that compromising comfort for achievement was well worth the reward. The truth is that everyone fails while attempting impressive feats. However, too many never “TRY” because of the fear of failure and many never “DO” because of the pain of the failed attempt. I say learn to live with discomfort. Be friends with your failure and embrace the handicapping fears. These are your only friends when it comes to success. Your family will tell you to take the safe road. Your friends will warn you to stop and even fans will boo you when you fall short of greatness. FUCK IT! Keep pushing! Your fear of failure should drive you toward your goal, your anxiety should never let your mind stop thinking about winning, and the obstacles should build agility and endurance because God knows you are going to need it.

So remember, do something that scares the life out of you and growth is right around the corner as well as surpassed goals at every turn. Be afraid, that’s perfectly fine, but eventually your fears will only fear the badass in the mirror. Be you, take control, and when someone uses the word can’t, point out their weakness and their fears and ask them to hold your fucking drink while you take on the WORLD.

Written By Chris Eugenio (@theuniquetrainer_mesa)

Personal Trainer, Unique Performance

Owner, My Way Labs (@mywaylabs)