More Than A Reflection

Why is fitness so misunderstood? Well, the answer is not cut and dry, or is it? People outside of the fitness community often get a misrepresentation of what it means to be “healthy” or “fit.” Also many lifters, athletes, and nutrition gurus are worse than religious extremists when it comes to forcing their lifestyles down your throat. Your goals should be personal in the fitness world as they reflect on you and you alone. However, fitness is more than a cut and dry reflection if you catch my drift.

Every fitness journey starts with the belief that a physical improvement can be made to one’s body. It’s normally something superficial like bigger arms, leaner abs, rounder butt, or to simply drop some unwanted body fat. These are all valid reasons to hire a trainer, get to a gym, and start watching your diet closely. As this journey progresses, the people that stick to it and hit their goals change in ways they never imagined. What starts off as an external physical change often becomes an emotional shift in mindset. Many people become much more strong willed/minded and gain significantly more confidence in their abilities to tackle any task at hand. Why is this you might as ask? The answer is simple: the goal was never truly physical to begin with. Your mindset dictates your success and failures in every aspect of life.

Success and failure are both relative terms that set physical limits for a society that loves to compare and measure people against each other. That’s what makes fitness an “X factor” if you will. It is the manipulation of a person’s genetic potential coinciding with an unbreakable will to push past the boundaries of the average physical capability of the human body. This is the ultimate display of discipline, self awareness, pain tolerance, and mental/emotional fortitude which leads to the gratification of CHANGE.

To me self change is a reflection of the internal toughness and strength of a person. To sacrifice is to suffer for a greater good, to overcome is to obtain a higher standing toward your path to greatness. The real fitness fanatics out there already know the truth behind this post so this is for the nay sayers, the jokers, and the judgmental sideline experts. Before you mock it, understand one thing… Some of us have saved ourselves in this process, some of us have maintained balance and structure, and some of us might be showing you an external sneak peak of the real hardcore mother fucker that lies beneath the god-like body that we built around us.

Written By Chris Eugenio (@theuniquetrainer_mesa)

Fitness Director, Unique Performance

Owner, My Way Labs (@mywaylabs)