Self Respect, Self Love, and Selfies

Many of us go about our hectic days trying to please the crowd. We put on many “game faces:” the work face, the parent face, the don’t talk to me in the grocery store face, and everyone’s favorite… the social media face, just to name a few. So I ask, how often can you be you without any form of self scrutiny or outside criticism? Can YOU still be YOU throughout your daily tasks and be respected or liked by your peers? Well here’s my answer, I don’t give a damn and neither should you! Three things should always be kept in order to keep a healthy mind and a balanced perspective when it comes to hearing the chirps of the outside world… Self respect, self love, and yes of course a smokin’ hot selfie because I’ll be damned if I don’t celebrate myself enough to show the world my confidence.

William Shakespeare has a famous quote that I’m positive you have heard once or twice and it goes like this… “To thine own self be true, and it must follow, as the night the day, thou canst not then be false to any man.” The relevance of this quote within these times is right on topic. This is a generation of quick fixes, quick money, and false realities. No one wants to work for anything and everyone thinks they are entitled to the finer things in life. However, the finest thing in life is knowing your worth and sharing yourself and everything you have with your neighbors, friends and loved ones. Be true to yourself, find your passion and your talents and explore them with abandon. The greatest part about learning yourself is that as people, we are ever evolving creatures that have no limit to our potential growth. You will feel abundantly fulfilled day in and day out knowing you are better for the journey that you walk. My promise to you is this, when you start to live this way you will hold your head high You will block out the nay sayers and critics, because you will earn respect from the very person who matters most: YOU.

Moving right along here. Now that you have achieved self respect you are ever closer to the pinnacle of fulfillment: self love. Love, the very word itself is complex and could be interpreted in many ways. When I think of love I think of the word “unconditional” right away. It is in our nature as human beings to make mistakes, fall short, quit too soon, and in some cases let down friends and family. That is all okay. Wow! I know, crazy huh? Life doesn’t come to a halting stop when one of these instances occur and neither should your love for yourself. It is of the utmost importance for you to be able to forgive yourself and continue to be your own biggest fan and love yourself without limits. After all how can one possibly reciprocate any emotion appropriately if you haven’t been able to experience it within one’s own self? It would be quite difficult indeed. So treat yourself, compliment yourself, workout, eat right, but most of all never say “I can’t.” You can and will, you know why, because your love for yourself is a raging fire that no one can contain! And, when you check that beautiful reflection of yours and you feel like a Goddamn champion, flex that arm, smile, and snap that selfie because you friggin’ earned that moment. Pshh and of course post that shot immediately, hashtags and all! #SelfRespect #SelfLove #Selfie

Until next time guys, keep it real, love yourself, and don’t follow the crowd.

Written By Chris Eugenio

Personal Trainer, Unique Performance

Owner, My Way Labs