It’s Just One Giant Mind Fuck

Go back to when you played sports as a little kid and think about your coaches that helped impact your life in some way….. done? Well how many of them do you ever remember screaming at you that they were developing your “mental toughness”? For me it was pretty much every coach I had playing football with growing up! I look back at these coaches today and thank them honestly for developing this thought in my own head that I could get through anything no matter how shitty the challenge was. For those who do not know my weight loss story, I graduated high school weighing about 240lbs with my heaviest weight coming a few months prior to graduation at 250lbs. Over time I lost 75lbs, but let me tell you that shit was not easy! The one trick I learned and remembered from my coaches was to set my mind right, because only then was I able to forget about how shitty I was feeling during a workout!

Mental toughness is something that seems to be lacking in our society today. One person says or posts something you don’t agree with and you lose your fucking mind!!!! When did our society become so mentally weak that we have to attack others for something we got offended by and couldn’t just skim over it without giving a negative opinion? Now is it fair to say this is maybe related to the obesity epidemic in our country…. a lack of mental toughness? So many people have tried to start exercising to better their lifestyle and then give up either within the first week or around the three month mark when their body didn’t magically lose 50lbs with a six pack showing up. THERE IS NO FUCKING MAGIC PILL!!!!! Excuses are made every day by those who need to lose weight for their own physical health because sitting on their ass doing something that involves no physical challenge is more “comforting” to them. Until your mindset is there… that you want to lose weight, gain muscle, whatever the hell it is… you will only slow your own progress down and potentially quit in the long run.

Believing in yourself is huge! I can’t tell you how many times I have heard from a client “I can’t” when it comes to finishing a workout. I understand you are getting tired and sore but what good does it do if I baby you and let you give up? You will never reach your goals that way if your mentality is to just quit when something gets hard! As crazy as it sounds, if you focus hard enough you can block the pain mentally to be able to finish any exercise! This is nothing that just happens, developing that mentality has to come over time and consistent efforts to push yourself harder and harder every workout. Learning to block out the negative and finding that internal motivation will let you forget all about how bad you’re hurting and allow progress to be out of this world!

Written By Jordan Leeper (@uniqueaf_chandler)

Fitness Director, Unique Performance, Chandler AZ