Frequently Ask Questions

General Questions


Q: How do I get started/more information?

A: Please use the contact us button on any page to have a team member reach out.


Q: What is the cost for training?

A: Our pricing varies depending on your specific goals. Each program is custom created to help you reach both your nutrition and fitness goals. As a result of this, we need to gather more information about your lifestyle, personal goals, etc before we can quote you a price on your custom plan.


Q: Where are you locations?

A: We have 4 locations in the East Valley: Queen Creek, Gilbert, Chandler, and Mesa


Q: Do you do Training Online/Remote?

A: Yes, we have clients all over the nation who are trained 100% online only. That includes custom nutrition and workouts.


Q: What are your Qualifications?

A: All trainers are nationally certified personal trainers and/or have degrees in a fitness related field. All trainers also have a minimum of 2 years training experience in the fitness industry.


Q: How do I Pay?

A: We use Paypal to bill each client. You can use either a debit or credit card.  


Q: Do I have to pay the full cost of the program up front?

A: No, you can make monthly payments to pay for your program or you can pay in full.


Q: How do I get access to your app?

A: Upon signing up, you will get an email on how to set up your account with our Unique Performance app. Do not delete this email.


Q: I want to cancel what do I do?

A: Please contact your trainer and they will help you with the process


Nutrition and Macro Training Questions


Q: What Nutrition Program do you follow?

A: We believe in the flexible dieting/macros approach to nutrition. Meaning, you can eat what you want in moderation as long as it fits your macronutrient goals.


Q: What is a reverse diet and how does it work?

A: A reverse diet is exactly what it sounds like. The opposite of a diet or cutting calories. During a reverse diet, we slowly increase calories consistently to reset the body’s metabolism, balance out hormone levels, and get the body back to functioning at its peak. The ultimate goal of the reverse diet is to have your body and metabolism functioning at their optimal levels. You may or may not lose weight while reversing, but your body will change.


Q: I hit my macros but not my calories. How does this happen?

A: If you hit your macros, then by the way the math works out, you automatically hit your macros. Focus on hitting your macros.


Q: Calories = Macros & Macros = Calories…explain

A: Every 1 g of protein = 4 calories. Every 1 g of carbs = 4 calories. Every 1 g of fat = 9 calories. So, if you hit your macro goal, you hit your calorie goal, no MATTER WHAT. Also, remember that myfitnesspal has user input data. Meaning I can go in and say a slice of pizza is only 50 calories and someone else can pull from my entry and log a slice of pizza at 50 calories. When logging food, try to log items with a green check mark in myfitnesspal.


Q: Why is my protein so high?

A: Protein is the most thermogenic of all of the macronutrients, meaning your body burns a lot of calories simply by breaking down protein. Therefore, we keep protein high.


Q: Why am I not losing weight on your reverse diet?

A: Remember the ultimate goal of a reverse diet is to get your metabolism firing at its most efficient level and get your body back to its peak performance. If we can get you eating 500 more calories/day and you maintain weight, that is a WIN.


Q: Why do my numbers need to change weekly/bi-weekly?

A: The body is very smart and adapts to what you feed it. Each week we conduct online check ins to assess how your body is responding to the program and adjust numbers as needed.


Q: Is it normal to feel bloated when eating this amount of protein ?

A: Too high of protein can cause some bloat. If you are feeling bloated, we encourage you to reach out to your trainer, as adjustments to macros may be needed. We also recommend a minimum of 25-30g of fiber/day for women and 30-35g of fiber/day for men. Make sure to drink a MINIMUM of ½ your bodyweight in ounces of water per day to help with bloat and constipation.


Q: How many meals a day do I need to eat?

A: It doesn’t matter, at the end of the day, the total number of calories consumed is what matters most.


Q: Does it matter the time of day I eat?

A: Nope. Calories in vs calories out. Doesn’t matter when you eat those calories.


Q: Do you care about my excuses?

A: Nope


Q: Why should I eat breakfast?

A: Eating Protein within 30 minutes of waking up kick starts your metabolism and gets it firing for the day. The faster your metabolism is, the more calories your body burns at rest.


Q: How much water should I drink?

A: We say a gallon/day but the bare minimum requirement is ½ your bodyweight in ounces/day.


Q: Do you track Carbs or Net Carbs

A: Total Carbs, not net carbs.


Q: Can I drink Alcohol?

A: Yes. Your body processes alcohol as it would a fat, so if you drink alcohol, plan for that and eliminate fats from the rest of your day. If you search “Unique Performance” in MyFitnessPal, we have custom created wine and hard liquor and the calories and fat content of these for you to log.


Q: What should I eat before and after my workout?

A: Protein and Carbs.


Q: How much weight should I lose during your program?

A: Remember the scale is only 1 tool we use to measure progress. You will also lose inches and bodyfat percentage will drop. On average, however, our clients lose 1-2 lbs/week and about 1% bodyfat/month.


Q: I am going on vacation what do I do?

A: Same thing you do every day. Nothing changes. You still need to track your food and not eat like an asshole.


Q: What is the difference between good carbs/fats and bad carbs/fats

A: There are no “good/bad” carbs and fats.


Q: Do I get a cheat meal?

A: No, if you want something make it fit your macros.


Q: Are Carbs Bad?

A: No foods are “bad” or off limits. You need carbs to fuel you, they are your body’s source of energy. Just don’t eat a shit ton of them.


Q: Is my thyroid the issue?

A: You eating like an ASSHOLE IS THE ISSUE


Q: Will Gluten Kill me?



Q: Does Crossfit Work


1on1 Training Questions


Q: How long are your sessions

A: 45 minutes


Q: What Personal Training Options do you have?

A: We offer 1-on-1 personal training sessions, partner sessions, and small group training (3-7 people)


Q: Can I train with a friend?

A: Yes, we offer partner training and small group training in addition to 1-on-1 sessions


Q: Why does Chris always talk?

A: Because he likes the sound of his own voice

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