Excuse Me, But Your Excuses Are Bullshit… 

Personal training wouldn’t be the same without clients personal complaining. Ouch! Im sure that struck a nerve but hear me out. Trainers hear it all, from flat tires all the way to irregular bowel movements in order to cancel sessions last minute. And I’m sorry, I’m not sorry but your excuses are bullshit. You either want results or you don’t! PERIOD end of sentence. Each and every one of us have personal lives with personal problems and your personal goals should never be left behind because of the day to day struggles of life. Fitness is your priority, otherwise you wouldn’t have handed over your credit card so lets dissect this issue further, shall we?

Check kids off of the list right away… Boom… gone! Yes children hinder availability and they get the sniffles, keep you awake at night, and poop right after you change their diaper, incredibly irritating and frustrating, I know. Reality check, most people still make their appointments due to the fact that most gyms are kid friendly these days and both of our Unique Performance facilities allow your children to come to your training sessions if you have to bring them. Kids usually lighten the mood and rarely affect the training session. Not an issue, moving on…

Injury and chronic pain/illness are definitely a reason to miss your training right Mr. Trainer? Uhhhh NO, wrong! I have clients suffering from auto immune disorders, chronic back pain due to spinal fusion, diabetic symptoms, hip replacements, and even severe anxiety, depression, and insomnia. These people all have a common outlook on life: they have a point to prove and they wish to overcome these huge obstacles. These clients are normally the ones that complain the least and are eager to motivate others around them. I applaud their diligence and their efforts to show up and give their best even when they may have felt as if getting out of bed in the morning was too much to handle.

Ok so what is really the underlying issue here? Laziness and feeling sorry for yourself win this week’s race to the failure line. News Break: this fitness thing is not easy! If it were simple, I’d be out of a job and all men would look like Magic Mike and every female would look like Wonder Woman. Sadly, that’s not the case and the ideal ripped body is a task tackled by only the most dedicated, consistently hard working people in the world. Your excuses are a sure way to fail yourself, so turn it around.

Start measuring your limits through your own ability and not through the shortcomings of another. Imagine the finished product of your endless hours in the gym in order to drive you towards your goal. Tell yourself you are great because you are giving it your all! No matter the outcome when you perform at your very best you will always feel fulfilled at the end of the day. You can and you will achieve your health and fitness goals but first you have to get to your appointments! Give me your best and I promise you that you will always get my very best. Don’t believe me? Ask any one of my clients. Now drop the fucking excuses and bring your game face because it’s your set and shit just got real!

Written by Chris Eugenio (@TheUniqueTrainer_Mesa)

Personal Trainer, Unique Performance

Owner, My Way Labs (@mywaylabs)