I Dare You To Blame Genetics

All throughout my life, I have heard the excuse by so many that they are obese because everyone in their family is overweight…. fucking bullshit. I thought for so long I couldn’t help my weight, that naturally I was born to be heavier than normal. After I graduated high school in 2011, I realized I was overweight and saw I was going down a bad path with my health. A couple months prior to graduation, I weighed my heaviest at 250 lbs, and my body fat measured around 20%, which was toward the high end for males. Well, after finding out my uncle was diagnosed with diabetes from being overweight, it scared the shit out of me and I decided I needed to do something about my health immediately!

It took a couple years since I did this all on my own with no help or advice from professional sources, However, I eventually made it down to 175 lbs. That weight was back in 2014, but recently I just competed in my second NPC Men’s Physique (Sept. 2018) show weighing in at 187 lbs and just over 4% body fat! The 75 lbs I lost came off naturally through hard work and a motivation like no other to improve my overall lifestyle. So if your genetics are the reason for being fat, then how did I lose all my weight with me being genetically prone to obesity?

I grew up in a neighborhood where we had an ice cream truck drive through every night, and the one rule my parents had before my brother and I could go get something was we had to finish the food on our plate. Sugar, as well as over-eating, was a part of my every life growing up. After I finished high school, I started looking at my diet throughout my life and couldn’t believe all the shit I was eating! The first two things I noticed were the amount of fast food and soda I consumed. I would drink soda daily, usually two to three cans, and I would get fast food at least four to five times a week! This was on top of the nachos, two cookies, and watermelon tea I would consume almost every day for lunch throughout high school. The point here is my metabolism has been slow my entire life leading to my obesity, but the moment I cleaned up my diet and added exercise, my whole life changed!

Instead of sitting on your couch, sulking over your health and the way you look, get off your ass and do something about it! Yes it fucking sucks cutting out all of the foods that you love to eat, but why would you sacrifice your health just so you can eat like a fat ass every meal? Portion control is the biggest problem today in my opinion and you can see that by simply comparing the average serving size in America to the average serving size in let’s say France. Researchers decided to do a little experiment on the serving size in Paris vs Philadelphia, and the results will shock you… or make you laugh when you realize Americans truly do have a problem. So just in one city alone, this is what they found:

A candy bar in Philadelphia was 41% larger than the same candy bar sold in Paris.

A soft drink was 52% larger, and a hot dog was 63% larger.

A carton of yogurt was 82% larger.

If you are still reading this thinking your genetics are the reason for your obesity then you, my friend, need to have a come to Jesus moment with yourself. For those who are ready to make that lifestyle change and are finally realizing you can actually do something about your health, start making those changes now and set weekly goals to start yourself off with and a long term goal to remind yourself what you are working for! Ask all my friends and they will tell you the story, I looked at all of them dead in the eye while eating out of a family size box of Cheezits, and told them that one day I would be in better shape than all of them! They all laughed and said there is no way in hell that would ever happen, that I could never get control of my diet. I proved to them what they thought was impossible for me, and all it took was working my ass off and having the mental discipline to keep control of my diet! Anything is possible people, you just need the will power and determination to want to do better for your own self.

Written By Jordan Leeper (@uniqueAF_chander)

Fitness Director, Unique Performance, Chandler, AZ