Spot Reduction: Myth or Fact?

Myth: You can focus on losing fat from certain body parts.

Truth: Spot-training is not a thing.

Sorry guys, but doing tons of crunches won’t give you a flat stomach and killing your arms on tricep exercises won’t make those bat wings disappear. In order to lose fat from a specific spot, you must first lose fat overall. Genetics largely play a part in where you will lose fat from first.

So how DO you burn fat?

Gaining muscle or lean mass is pivotal to fat loss, as muscles burn calories. As much as up to 50 calories per pound of muscle!

Strength training and more specifically HIIT (high intensity interval training) is a great tool to burn fat while gaining lean mass.

In addition to gaining lean mass, nutrition plays an important role in body composition. Consuming the proper amount of nutrients will encourage the body to build muscle while simultaneously letting go of fat stores.

So, quit killing yourself on ineffective workouts and failing nutrition and get on one of our fat-destroying, muscle-creating programs! If you don’t know where to begin, we can help!

Written By Kaelin Patey

Personal Trainer

Unique Performance