Breaking Unhealthy Habits

I have been in the fitness industry since I was a young child. My dad competed in bodybuilding when I was little and always emphasized how important health and fitness were within our family. I was very active in high school and was an excellent softball player. I never really focused on what I put into my body unless it was game day. I primarily avoided greasy food but really, I had no idea what it meant to eat healthy. As high school ended I was off to college on a full ride scholarship for my ball playing abilities. I was on my own for the first time and my diet consisted primarily of cereal because it was cheap. I stopped playing ball, moved back home, and started going down the wrong road. I met a boy who was all wrong for me and started partying and drinking. I didn’t have softball anymore and to be honest, I didn’t know what to do with my life.

I will never forget the day when I was sitting at the computer at my parents’ home, wearing a tank top and shorts. My dad did something that changed my life and honestly saved me. He took a picture of me sitting at the computer on his phone and showed me. What I saw made me angry, it made me cry, and it made me embarrassed. How had I never looked in the mirror and paid attention to my body? How did I not notice this gut?

I got a gym membership the next day and I had no idea where to start. I always had a coach telling me what to do. It was this time in my life when an awesome trainer, Patty Farrow, approached me. She not only looked amazing, but she wanted to help. Not even 4 months later, at the age of 18, I did my first competition. From there I took off and became so intrigued on how drastic a body can change with simple care and determination.

Why did I tell you all this back story? I want you to realize we all have a breaking point. We all have a point where we say, “enough is enough” and we make that change. You have to want it in order for it to happen.

Fast forward to 6 years ago. I have studied nutrition; I trained hundreds and hundreds of clients; I have helped change lives. I’ve faced my own battles with bad habits. I fell down the dark hole of becoming obsessed with what I looked like. I used to not be able to leave the house if one hair was out of place or if I felt even a tiny bit bloated. I went from a girl who never saw a flaw to this obsessive unhappy person. Outside looking in, I had a body people would PAY to have, I worked my butt off but never actually enjoyed the body I worked so hard to create. 

Here’s where it got bad. I knew what the right thing was to do, I knew scientifically how many calories I needed to consume in a day. I just could not control myself. I got to a point where I was spraying Windex on trigger foods in the house, or I would take a bite only to taste it and spit it in the trash. Not swallowed so calories don’t count, right?

I had issues, I can admit that. I am proud to say today I have mastered macros. I trust in macros and the ability to manipulate my body the way I want through eating. Macros saved my life. I had to slowly allow myself to eat more calories. As soon as I paid attention to how much protein I was eating, I instantly started leaning out, so I moved to carbohydrates. I got amazing workouts and my energy sky rocketed. I then paid attention to all 3 targets (proteins, carbs, and fats). I had muscle I never knew was there, my hair and nails started growing, my skin felt tighter and overall, I started enjoying life rather than obsessing over my personal image. I didn’t feel that constant bloat or feel like I had to suck it in anymore. I had to trust that eating food was okay, otherwise I was not going to be able to make it in the fitness industry like I had foreseen in my future.

This is what I know and what I love. I love helping people dig deep and overcome their demons. It’s okay to have issues, admit them to yourself, and get the help you need. Macro based nutrition can change your life. Thank you, Dad, for encouraging me to forge the path to a healthy way of life.

Written By Casey Cosmann

Personal Trainer/Macros Coach

Unique Performance